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  • Why CATERINGHUNT is better than others? is the only website which created a single platform for all the businesses related catering & wedding. Even if you are big caterer or small vendor we have business opportunities for all the category of the business. All you need to do is register with us. This website saves your valuable time, money & efforts. You can grow your business & network in short time.

  • Why so special?

    It is very difficult to get the catering order in our local area, so this is the solution we have made for caterers so they can get the catering orders in local area itself. This will be easy to operate from the kitchen & storage and it will helpful to give timely and quality service. Client will also prefer the local caterers first. For caterers it is very easy to get catering order online & accessible to suppliers to buy catering material online in best possible rates. The service which offers you by include catering inquires & discounts on the material purchased from our store. We will also collect the feedback from the client and give your organization a specific grade and our recommendation to client if they asked.

  • How we Work?

  • What are the features?

    Features Other Cateringhunt
    Professional in Catering Industry No Yes
    Marketing for Catering Orders No Yes
    Create professional Caterers Profile No Yes
    Low Service Charges No Yes
    Online Solutions No Yes
    Online Marketing Opportunities No Yes
    Care for your Business No Yes
    Networking No Yes
  • What are the advantages?

    • 1. Online business saves time, money & efforts.
    • 2. Quick deals.
    • 3. Direct access to client.
    • 4. Cost effective.
    • 5. Low operating cost due to local area orders.
    • 6. Best reasonable rates to client.
    • 7. Accessible to suppliers from Local city with wide range of products with best possible rates.
    • 8. All the businesses related to catering or wedding, small or big can register and do the business on this exclusive site.
    • 9. Pathway for new business & businessmen’s in catering industry.
    • 10. Networking.
    • 11. More Business more opportunities make more Profit.